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Top Five Strategies for Starting Up PMI Impact Malaria

February 2019 saw PMI Impact Malaria celebrate its first official year as the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative’s (PMI) flagship global service delivery project. As of today, World Malaria Day 2019 , we are running offices and implementing activities in ten countries, with more coming on board all the time. Following a delayed start, PMI Impact Malaria (IM) kicked off fully in April 2019. With the end of MalariaCare and the pending completion of the Maternal and Child... Read More
Posted by Anne Bulchis at Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Regional Technical Advisors in Cote d’Ivoire Hit the Ground Running to Improve Malaria Service Delivery

Countries in West and Central Africa are increasingly decentralizing resources and decision-making for health as part of a sustainable strategy to improve health system quality and efficiency. In Cote d’Ivoire, decentralization is part of the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) new strategic approach and is reflected in the country’s malaria planning and programming. One recent example is the National Malaria Control Program’s (NMCP) launch of a program that embeds malaria... Read More
Posted by Anne Bulchis at Monday, April 15, 2019
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