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PMI Impact Malaria's COVID-19 eLearning Modules

COVID-19 has impacted people around the globe in widespread and unparalleled ways. As of November 18, there were 55.9 million confirmed cases and almost 1.3 million confirmed deaths reported from 191 countries and regions (Johns Hopkins). The numbers are striking and the urgency to combat COVID-19 is acute.

While the global health community has achieved steady gains in reducing the incidence of malaria over the last decade, nearly half the world’s population remains at risk of malaria. The malaria death rate could nearly double if the pandemic causes ongoing commodity shortages and the disruption of essential malaria interventions, estimates the World Health Organization.

As part of PMI Impact Malaria's (IM) COVID-19 response, IM has developed a series of publicly available eLearning modules for healthcare providers. To access the modules, please see the download instructions at the bottom of the page.


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  • COVID-19 and the Role of Healthcare Workers
  • COVID-19 Care Pathway: Triage, Treatment and Discontinuation of Care Pathway
  • COVID-19 Facility-Level Protocols and Management
  • Safety, Hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Collecting, Handling and Transporting COVID-19 Specimens
  • Conducting Routine Laboratory Work During COVID-19


Download Instructions

To download the eLearning Modules and distribute them via USB key, here are the recommended steps:

1. Download English .zip file, you must have 1.8 GB of storage available. 

2. Save the file on your desktop.

3. Unzip the file. If saving on flash drives, the entire unzipped folder should be used.

4. Open the folder and double click the file labeled “Start”. The modules will then open in the individual’s web browser - whether or not you have an internet connection. For best functionality, launching in Google Chrome is recommended but it should launch both online and offline with most browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer. The modules should then be accessible.


Instructions de téléchargement

Pour télécharger les formations électroniques et les diffuser via une clé USB, voici les étapes recommandées :

1. Téléchargez le fichier .zip en français, vous devez disposer de 1,8 Go de stockage disponible.

2. Enregistrez le fichier sur votre bureau.

3. Décompressez le fichier. Si vous enregistrez sur une clé USB, l'intégralité du dossier décompressé doit être utilisé.

4. Ouvrez le dossier et double-cliquez sur le fichier intitulé «Démarrer». Les formations s’ouvriront ensuite dans le navigateur Web de l’individu, que vous disposiez ou non d’une connexion Internet. Pour de meilleures fonctionnalités, le lancement dans Google Chrome est recommandé, mais il se lancera à la fois en ligne et hors ligne avec la plupart des navigateurs à l'exception d'Internet Explorer.